Getting Involved


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Getting Started

Choosing your Angel Theme

Angels in the Christian church are messengers from God.
What message would you like to convey?
What do angels mean to you and your group?
How can your display reflect your group or organisation?

We’d love to see a variety of artwork,
from simple to as quirky and out of the box as you like!
Will you paint? Sculpt? Collage? Will it be 2D or 3D?
Or will you create poetry and stories?

Our only requirement is that the angels represent or support a Christian message.

Find Resources

We have gathered ideas, inspiration and resources for creating your angels here:

  • Books, films and music,
  • The history of angels in art,
  • Angels in carols,
  • Bible stories and verses

Types of Display

When you have thought of a theme, it’s time to think about how your angelic creation will be displayed. We have a variety of spaces, including: add photo examples of different settings

  • Table-tops
  • Windowsills
  • Pillars

Will your design be self-supporting? Would you like us to help with providing a frame or scaffold for your angels?

Go Large!

If you’d like to up-size and make a statement piece that would be amazing! Let’s talk about where we might put it! Please email us to get the conversation started.